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What are the different user roles within ahead?

This article explains the difference between user roles and what each can or can't do

In ahead, we differentiate between three roles: πŸ‘€ User, ✏️ Editor and πŸ”’ Admin.

πŸ‘€ User

Users have access to ahead and can see published content.

This role has basic permissions:

  • βœ… Read news, pages, stories, the Company Compass and activities.
  • βœ… Create stories and upload photos and videos, post thoughts and connect them to the Company Compass.
  • βœ… Interact (comment, reply and react) with news, knowledge pages and stories.
  • βœ… Use the search tool to search for news & pages, O365 documents, sites and people.
  • βœ… Access the My Work area.
  • βœ… Use quicklinks and applications.
  • βœ… Receive notifications and emails.
  • βœ… Follow news channels.
  • βœ… Choose interface, content and Auto-Translate languages.

✏️ Editor

Editors create and publish content.

This role combines the User's basic permissions and the Editor's specific permissions:

  • βœ… Publish and edit news, knowledge pages and the Company Compass.
  • βœ… Access the News & Pages area to manage news and knowledge pages and their status.
  • βœ… Access the Insights area.

πŸ”’ Admin

Admins manage company-wide settings.

This role combines the User's basic permissions and the Admin's specific permissions:

  • βœ… Access the Company Settings area.
  • βœ… Manage settings such as design, navigation structure, target audiences and channels.
  • ❌ Admins don’t have Editor permissions.

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