News and Pages Settings

Learn how to manage the different settings available to you in when creating news and pages in ahead

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Creating News and knowledge pages in ahead is as easy as it gets. Users with the Editor role can start publishing content from the very first day. ahead's simple and intuitive – as well as powerful – interface provides an enjoyable experience.

After you have added your content with the ahead building blocksthere are a few settings available to tailor your content to your needs.

The following short video lessons will guide you through the features that every editor needs to master to reach the right people with the right message.

Lesson 1: Targeting & private content

Learn how to target your content to specific audiences within your organisation. This includes ahead's standard targeting and the advanced targeting feature. Find out about private news & pages.

🎓 Learn more about Advanced Targeting

Lesson 2: Get your viewers' attention

Use notifications to inform your colleagues of important news, discover channels to categorize them and pin news to highlight them in the news feed. 

When notified by in-app notification, the user is notified through the following channels:

  • within the website via the alert bell in the command bar
  • as a push notification, if the ahead app is installed on the user's smartphone
  • as Teams notification, if the ahead MS Teams app is installed 

Lesson 3: Co-Authoring & Ghostwriting

Editors can work independently or collaborate with other editors when creating News and Pages. Adjusting the editing rights enables the collaboration. If you're posting on someone's behalf, watch this to discover ghostwriting in ahead.

Lesson 4: Adding Translations

Reach your multilingual workforce with ahead. Learn how to add translations and set your preferred languages in your profile. 

Lesson 5: Knowledge Pages & Navigation

The navigation provides a central place where important information in the form of knowledge pages are published. Let’s see how to create and organize pages.

Lesson 6: Publishing

You're almost done - preview your content and decide when to publish your content.


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