Building Blocks

Learn how to use the different building blocks when composing news or pages in ahead

Building blocks are modules used to compose News, knowledge pages and elements of the Company Compass. Enrich their content with text, images, documents, videos and more. 

Lesson 1: Rich Text, Images, ahead Content and People

In this video you'll learn how to use the image/carousel, the rich text, the ahead content and the people building blocks. Format your text strategically, link content across your ahead intranet and add contact cards of people in your organization.


💡 Tipp: you can include emojis in any text field by using the keyboard shortcut "Windows logo key + . " (for Windows) or "Function key" (for Mac) 

Lesson 2: Video, Poll / Quiz and Sites

 You can embed videos directly into ahead. The poll is an easy way to gauge audience's opinion on a specific topic and you can add some interactive fun to your content with a quiz. Add a link to sites on your O365 environment.

Lesson 3: Documents and embedded content

The embedded content building block allows editors to display content from external sources into News and Pages. It can be used to include a map, a form or a website, as well as many other types of content.  Include documents linked from O365 or attachments uploaded on the spot. 

✔️ Best practice: ahead’s search engine works with the titles and descriptions of the Documents building block, but not attachment file names. It’s recommeneded to add a title and a description to the Documents building block describing what documents are included, improving their searchability.

📌 Important: O365 permissions are synched with ahead. Make sure that readers have permissions to open the linked documents.

Sometimes you might have issues finding a O365 document with the ‘Link Documents’ search feature. If you recently uploaded that document to O365, it takes some time until it’s indexed and ahead can search it. Try again later or upload the document as an attachment.