How to Use Smart Filters in All News?

For users looking to streamline their news view, discover how Smart Filters empower you to curate your news feed with precision.

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Smart Filters allow you to tailor your "All News" screen by channels or periods, providing you with a more focused and efficient way to stay informed. This article will guide you through the simple steps of harnessing the power of Smart Filters, ensuring you get the news that matters most to you.

    1. Accessing Smart Filters

    Navigate to the "See all news" page at the end of your newsfeed where you'll see the filter bar at the top of the All news screen.


    filter bar


    2. Filtering by Channels

    Click on the "Channels" option in the filter bar and select the desired channel you want to filter by.


    filter by channel

    💡 You can view only one channel per time.


    On each channel, we provide you with the information whether you follow this channel or not. 


    follow channel

    When viewing a channel you don't follow you have the option to follow it.


    unfllow cahnnel

    When viewing a channel you do follow you have the option to unfollow it.


    3. Filtering by Periods

    Choose the "Period" option in the filter bar and select the time frame you are interested in, such as "Last week" or "Last month".


    filter by periods


    4. Combining Filters

    For a more customized experience, combine channel and period filters. You can experiment with different combinations to tailor your news feed to your preferences.


    combining filters


    Our Smart Filters put you in control of your news consumption, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you. By effortlessly customizing your All News page, you save time and stay informed with precision. 


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