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When to use ahead and when to use MS Teams?

The intranet ideally complements the Modern Workspace. In times of transformation, internal communication is the glue that holds the company together. The most important company-wide information is shared via ahead.

The navigation structure in ahead provides the information-basis so that employees can pick up all relevant information on the company, in particular on the respective functional topics. Ideally, the intranet is a "single source of truth" in the company and covers the following areas:

  • Promoting employee engagement and employee identification with the company, meaning: communicating "branded" content
  • Communicating news in the context of various topic channels (e.g. HR, Finance, Events, etc.)
  • Static information that relates to locations and areas
  • Search of:
    • Documents
    • Microsoft Teams/ SharePoint sites
    • News, content pages and stories
    • People

In short: The intranet conveys structured and curated content on the part of corporate communication. In addition, ahead offers employees the possibility to easily find any documents from SharePoint and OneDrive via search. ahead thus links the world of "internal communication" with the tools from M365 and is ideally suited as a starting point for the workday.

"ahead links the world of corporate communication with the tools from M365 and is ideally suited as a starting point for the workday"

In contrast, collaboration platforms (such as M365) offer all the necessary tools for collaboration in teams, smaller departments, for project work and meetings - 1:1 or even in smaller groups. Microsoft Teams is used in contrast to ahead for collaboration. The following work is usually done in Microsoft Teams:

  • Chat-based communication
  • Video telephony
  • Real-time collaboration & co-authoring on documents (with SharePoint in the background)
  • Capture of meeting minutes and task management
  • Project collaboration within specific channels (so-called "channels" in teams)

In short: In Microsoft Teams or M365, people work together on projects and in teams.

It is an interactive tool landscape that can be used by everyone in an egalitarian