To which systems does ahead connect when inside your browser?

A list of systems and their URLs to which the ahead client needs to be able to connect to in order to correctly work inside your browser.

In order to provide you with the system you love to use everyday, we ourselves use a multitude of services without which we couldn't operate. In companies with tight ownership over which domains a browser page can have access, ahead may not be able to work correctly.

The following illustration gives you a quick overview, followed by a list of domains and the reason why we need access to it.


Reason Our origin - if you cannot access this domain you won't see ahead at all.,
These domains are owned by Microsoft and belong to the azure infrastructure. We need them to know when something has gone wrong in the ahead client or to gauge how many requests we are getting at any given time and if there is trouble looming ahead. Certain realtime features like notifications and the "there's new content" banner on the homepage are driven by this service. The video display capabilities used for the video feature in stories. Locize is our partner in delivering the interface languages to you.
* If you are using our premium feature "ahead messages", we will require access to this domain such that the chat infrastructure works as expected.
*, * these are relevant for those users who still dare to visit the internet with a legacy browser (also known as IE11)

Connections to stream-io and the signalr service will be web socket connections.