What types notifications are there in ahead?

This article describes the different notifications produced in ahead and what occasions trigger them

Notifications are shown in the notifications area next to your name in the command bar:

notifications EN

There are different occasions that trigger notifications: 

Notification type


News was published

You get this notification when

  • The author of the page has checked the notification feature and you belong to the target audience
  • You have subscribed to a channel and a news has been published under this channel (unless the settings controlling the target audience override this)

Note: As the Author of the page, you will not get a notification.

Comment on news / story element Someone commented on a news, page or story you have published.
Response on news / story element

Someone responded to your comment or someone replied to a comment you have previously replied to.

Story video processing completed successfully

A video you have added to a story has finished processing and is ready to be viewed by everyone.

Story video processing completed with error Your video upload failed in the post processing and the upload may have to be repeated.
Poll completed

A poll in a news you published has been closed.

Comment deleted

Administrators and authors of a page or news have the right to delete comments on that page. You'll get this notification if your comment has been deleted. You will get a variation of this if your reply to a comment was also deleted through deleting the comment you replied to.

Request to edit

Someone requested to edit a page or news you have published, or for which you have existing editing rights.

Edit request accepted

Someone with exisiting editing rights for a page or news in question has accepted the edit request.

Edit request declined

Someone with exisiting editing rights for a page or news in question has declined the edit request.

New insights are available

ahead Insights is updated every week. This notification is sent to editors and admins when new data is made available.

Targeting data refreshed

When configuring the advanced targeting audiences, you can refresh the data from your AD. This can takes a few minutes. Once it is completed, you receive this notification.

Mandatory reading

A news with the mandatory reading feature has been published and you are part of the target audience. The notification will not go away until you have confirmed reading the news.

All notifications are also provided as native notifications through the ahead mobile app.