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Setting up kiosks

Setup a kiosk feed to keep employees informed right at their workplace.

Manage API-keys

Please contact your CSM to enable kiosk API-keys for your tenant.


Here's a short video that explains the basic concepts.


To setup a kiosk that shows news published in ahead, you need to first add an API-key for it. You can do this in the company settings under integrations.

Add kiosk key

The API-key is required for authentication when calling the kiosk feed API. Use multiple kiosk API-keys to support multiple kiosks showing different news.

When editors publish a news they can decide in which kiosk feeds their news should appear.

select kiosks-1

Private news cannot be shown in a kiosk feed.

The Kiosk-feed API

All information about the Kiosk-feed API can be found at ahead's APIs documentation


If you are using the old kiosk API that uses Entra ID accounts for authentication you need to migrate to this version. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. For every Entra ID account you are using to call the old kiosk API create a kiosk API-key.
  2. Inform your editors that they should start selecting the relevant kiosks when publishing news. If needed, they should re-publish older news that are still relevant and assign kiosks.
  3. Your custom digital signage implementation needs to be adjusted to the new API. The main difference is the authentication. Use the respective API keys created instead of the previously used accounts.