Publish mandatory reading content

As an editor, you can ask the audience of certain content to confirm that they have read it. Keep track of who has confirmed and who has yet to confirm.

In the following video we show in detail:

  • How an editor creates and publishes a mandatory reading news item.
  • How an audience user discovers the mandatory reading and makes the confirmation.
  • How an editor follows up.


📌 Extra: Send reminders

From the 'Editor Insights' section, reminders can be sent to those people who, while being part of the audience, have not yet confirmed reading the content.

In the following example, the reminder would be sent to the remaining 26% who have not yet confirmed.


Reminders must be sent manually by editors who have edit rights for that page or news.

Reminders are sent via several channels at the same time:

  • E-mail
  • In-app notification (bell icon)
  • Mobile push notification

A maximum of one reminder per day is allowed. 

Use cases

Since the texts (title, statement and button) appearing in the mandatory reading block can be customized, the functionality offers great flexibility in terms of use cases.

Here are some examples for which it would be very useful:

  • Company policy and guideline updates: "The process for requesting a shift change has changed. Confirm that you have read it."
  • Events: "Workshop to improve collaboration and communication. RSVP to attend."
  • Training materials: "Here you can find the materials and documents necessary to handle the machine. Confirm that you have downloaded and read them."
  • Alerts and emergencies: "Incident in the warehouse. Confirm that you are safe."