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Make the most of the Company Compass

One of the biggest challenges companies are facing these days is communicating and aligning everyone with crucial aspects of the company culture, such as its mission. ahead is determined to help organizations spread a culture that drives and inspires its people. Our Company Compass feature bring the company vision, mission, values and goals to the forefront, to ensure that everyone is committed to what really matters.

Building the Company Compass

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The first step is building the Company Compass. To do so, Editors can find the Company Compass section below their profile picture.

In the beginning, the board is empty, with a 4-sections layout: Vision, Mission, Values and Goals. Start filling the Compass board by adding items to each section. Vision and Mission can only hold a single item, while Values and Goals can hold as many as needed.

Adding elements is as easy as creating a Page. Enter a powerful title for the Page, add the content and don’t forget to add a nice picture. You can also add translations and choose which editors can collaborate in the editing of the item.

📝 Note: If many different editors are supposed to collaborate on the same item, the creator of the page needs to set the editing section to ‘all editors’ or choose specific people.


The Company Compass will remain hidden to users until the first item is published. From that moment on, the Company Compass board will become visible for everyone, positioned at the top of their homepage. Keep adding and editing elements until the board is a perfect reflection of the culture the company wants to communicate.


💡 Pro Tip: Your company might want to make a go-live of the whole Company Compass, publishing a board with several items all at once. Instead of directly publishing the items, schedule the publishing (max. 5 days ahead) or save them as drafts. Once all the drafts are fully composed, publish them to make the Compass visible to all users.

People will now easily see what the company culture consists of, so they can align themselves with it. But there’s much more to it. The Company Compass is meant to be a living thing, which connects the company’s daily life to its culture.

Connecting daily events to the Compass

Whenever a News or Story is related to your Company Compass, make sure to connect them. By doing so, the system is enriched, because interconnecting different types of content creates a more meaningful and consistent experience for the reader.  


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In the case of News, find the Connect to Company Compass setting at the bottom of the side panel and choose which item(s) the content is related to. Only editors can do this.


As for Stories, use the Connect to Company Compass button. Then, choose the item and add a short comment to explain to everyone what led you to make the connection. Anyone can contribute to Stories, so anyone can also connect them to the Company Compass.

The connection is displayed as another element of the Story, giving context to the reader and bringing awareness to the culture in a more social and engaging manner.

The Compass timeline brings everything together

When users and editors connect News and Stories to the Company Compass it’s possible to visualize a timeline of the connections that have been made for each of the items of the Compass. In the vision, mission, value or goal description page, there’s a link to the Timeline.

Timelines are a great way to track and remember all the events that have happened regarding specific items of the Company Compass. It helps the organization to connect their culture to actions and initiatives, keeping everyone aware and engaged.