How to create a Story?

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Stories are a feature for spontaneous insights into your employee’s workday or what’s happening around your company. It always revolves around a Story topic, and not so much about the individual person taking pictures or videos. Say, you’ve got a client pitch coming up, take some pictures and share them in a Story called “Client Pitch”. It’s time for your summer retreat with the whole company? What an event, let people document it! Stories are temporary and expire after 4 days.

We made it incredibly easy to take pictures and videos with your smartphone in the moment and upload them right away. Navigate to the homepage and create a Story topic for people to start posting.

Go try it out now, your co-workers will love it.

Starting a new Story

Start a new Story on the homepage by tapping the ‘Create story’ button.

create a story

Enter a title and a description so that your colleagues know what your Story is about.

story modal

Once the Story has been published, anyone can start posting. People can add 4 different types of posts to a Story.


4 types of posts you can add to Story

1. Images and Video

Images can be easily posted through the Photo button under Add to story.

add to story-1


You can add a single image or multiple images to create a carousel:

carousel 2

The same works for videos through the Video button. 


2. Thoughts 

Pictures alone sometimes fall short of communicating a compelling story. Users can enrich Stories with text blocks. Use the Thought button and choose a colorful background to go along with the text.



3. Company Compass

Stories can also be connected to content from the Company Compass. Add a connection with the Company Compass button and write something about what motivates you to make the connection.

company compass

NOTE: This feature is only available if the Company Compass has been published.

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