How do I report inappropriate content?

Learn how to quickly and easily report content that doesn't meet your company's guidelines, making your intranet safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

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This article will walk you through the simple process of reporting content that doesn't align with our community standards. Whether you stumble upon comments that cross the line, discover inappropriate story posts, or come across community posts that violate our rules, reporting them is a straightforward way to ensure a respectful and secure online environment.

Reporting inappropriate comments, story posts, and community posts

Once you spot the content that you find inappropriate Access Reporting Options by clicking …

You'll find it in the kebab menu on the right side of the content:


report comment EN

Once you click final confirmation your moderation team will receive the notification to review the reported content. 

By following these steps, you're contributing to a more respectful and safer community. Reporting inappropriate content helps create a more enjoyable experience for all users. Don't hesitate to report content that violates your company's guidelines - it's a vital part of maintaining a welcoming intranet environment.



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