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HERO News module

This article is for editors with special permissions who want to learn how to use the HERO News feature to highlight important global company news on the homepage of the intranet.

 ✍🏼 For editors  |  ✅ Standard feature  

HERO News is a powerful feature that allows editors to highlight crucial company news directly on the homepage. This article will guide you through the simple process of enabling and editing HERO News, ensuring that your employees stay informed about the most important updates.

Enable HERO News

To enable the HERO News module, access your Company settings and navigate to the Homepage tab. Within the Homepage builder, ensure the HERO section is enabled. 

enable hero news


💡 You'll need admin permission to access your Company settings.

Edit HERO News directly from your homepage

After enabling HERO News, navigate to the homepage. If you're an editor with special permissions, you'll see a button to edit HERO News right on top of your homepage. You can choose up to three news items to show in the HERO section. In the image below you can see how the number of selected news items affects the layout of your homepage ⬇️

hero empty


In the HERO editor, you can add news by selecting them from the available list. You can either choose published or scheduled news.

add news

💡 Keep it relevant: Ensure that the news selected for HERO News truly deserves the spotlight, as this section is prominently displayed on the homepage.


Published news will appear in the layout instantly while scheduled news will appear underneath as the 'next change' of news that will happen when the news gets published.

Once any news is selected, it will be shown with the default image.

default hero image

Customize thumbnail image

Additionally, you can customize the thumbnail image of the news by providing 16:9 and 3:1 ratio crops for the best layout experience.

2 crops

💡  Engaging thumbnails: Choose visually appealing thumbnail images to grab attention.


By utilizing the HERO News feature, you can ensure that essential company updates are effectively communicated to all employees. Keeping everyone informed fosters a sense of unity and alignment within the organization.


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