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Best practises with Navigation and Pages in ahead?

This article describes the best practise approach to the configuration of the navigation in ahead and how to best create content for your workforce.

The navigation structure is defined by an administrator only and can be adjusted at any time. The structure is three-tiered:

  • Navigation group (not clickable but visable in the main navigation)
  • Navigation point (visible in the main navigation)
  • Sub-navigation point (not visible in the main navigation)

It is recommended to choose a navigation structure that is as flat and simple as possible, so that users can easily find their way around it and quickly land on the information they are looking for. The navigation groups as well as the navigation tems are arranged alphabetically and can be rearranged into a different order with numbers if desired. The navigation structure defined by the administrators is filled with content by the editors. The editors add individual content pages to the individual navigation groups. The content pages are also arranged alphabetically.

Creating a New Page

The creation of a content page is identical to the creation of a news page. There are exactly the same "building blocks". Since content pages are valid in the long term and do not change often, it is advisable to take the time here to initially enter all relevant content and to use the same predefined structure for all similar pages. It is also advisable to start with an image module for a content page, because a small preview image is also displayed in the overview for content pages.

Curate Pages in the Navigation

Content pages contain static information, but even this can lose its validity after a certain time and must be updated. It is advisable to clearly define the responsibilities regarding updates and maintenance of the content in order to ensure that the information is always up to date.

Change to the Navigation Structure

Ahead is a flexible tool that allows changes and restructuring at any time. If another navigation point is needed or an area is to be completely revised, an ahead administrator can make the changes in the company settings.