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Add and Update Quicklinks & Applications

Here we describe how to import quicklinks & applications into ahead.

Changing quicklinks & applications is an import / export process via a csv (comma separated value, in this case ;-separated) file.

You can download the file which will contain either an example link (which you can delete) or the current set of links for either the quicklinks or applications group.

Once download you can import the data into Excel by

  1. Opening Excel
  2. Opening the csv file with Excel

This then starts the import wizard:

Important is to state "delimited" and "my data has headers". Next, you choose the delimiter.

In the final step, you could modify what kind of data each column holds. Here you can leave everything as-is.

Now you can add and remove any links you like. Once you're done, you press save, and upload the file into the respective section where you want to see them. Quicklinks & Applications will be shown in the order that you added them in the csv-file.


The "Main Property Values" column can be used once you have set a Main Property for targeting in the "Target Audiences" section of the company settings in ahead. Here, you can specify zero, one or more values (separated by the "|" symbol) out of those that you see listed on the "Quicklinks" or "Applications" section. Then, when a user sees the quicklinks, they will see

  • all links in which you specified a value that matches wit the user's value in your company's active directory
  • all links that have no value in that column - they are targeted to all, so to speak.